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Trees can provide a property with shade, natural beauty, and provide homes for wildlife. When branches or trees fall, it can be dangerous both to your property and family. It is the reason why you need to watch out for signs that indicate that you need an emergency tree service company like us.

1. If Your Trees Have Weakened Basis

The root system of a tree plays a vital role in its stability. Check the trees on your Evanston property, and if any exposed roots appear rotten, weakened, or diseased, you need to call an emergency tree service like us immediately. If the roots of your trees are failing, it will only be a matter of time before it starts falling.

You might also have a leaning tree. If it has been that way for a while, you might be tempted to ignore it, but it is important to call our professional tree service team to inspect any leaning trees to determine whether they pose a hazard.

Erosion is yet another factor that can make a tree on your property unstable. If a significant amount of the roots of the tree are exposed, it is important to have the tree examined by our tree experts even if it does not appear unstable or sick.

2. After Severe Storms

A tree might be healthy, stable, and strong, but high winds can still damage it. The trees on your property can take quite a beating during storm season. If any of your trees have broken branches, are leaning, or have fallen, you need to call an emergency tree service company in Evanston IL. Even if the damaged branch or tree seems stable, it can still pose a severe threat to the safety of your property and family.

3. If You Have Diseased Trees

A tree might appear quite healthy from the outside when in reality, it might be weakened due to disease and is in danger of falling. Warning signs you can watch for are deep cracks, a hollowed trunk, cavities in the trunk, missing bark, and falling or dead branches.

The best way to ensure that your trees stay safe and healthy is to schedule a regular inspection from our tree service professionals. Having your trees inspected, maintained, and trimmed by our professional will help them look attractive, grow properly, and stay disease-free.

Knowing the signs to look for to determine whether you need our emergency tree service company can help you prevent a potentially dangerous situation in your yard. Our professional tree service team knows how to deal with trees in your yard safely without risking the safety of your family and home.

Here are the three most commonly asked questions about emergency tree removal:

What Should I Do When a Tree Falls in My Yard?

If the tree falls in your yard because of extreme weather, it is important to ensure that your family and property are safe from harm. Instead of walking over to inspect the tree immediately, it is important to check to ensure that there are no incidents or accidents. Once you ensure that everybody around the property is safe from harm, call Evanston Tree Service.

Who Should Do the Tree Removal?

It is always important to contact a team of licensed professionals if your home is in need of emergency tree removal. We remove trees safely by using specialized equipment so that the job is done the right way. You can be sure that the licensed Arborists of our tree removal company are fully trained in all aspects of emergency tree care.

Should I Wait Before Removing the Tree?

If you start noticing that a tree is just about to collapse, you need to act fast to schedule with our emergency tree removal services. If you wait to remove a structurally unsound tree from your yard, you could be creating a significant safety hazard on your Evanston property. If you act fast to remove the damaged tree, you can ensure that it does not collapse on the roofline or even other parts of the property. Our team of qualified tree experts can provide you with an emergency tree removal service 24/7, so you won’t have to wait to get the job done.

The Bottom Line

Our Evanston emergency tree service company can help to ensure the safety of your family and property. If you are in need of emergency tree service, you should get in touch with our licensed, experienced, and insured emergency tree service today!