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Trees will continue to thrive and beautify a landscape if they have been in the right location. There are certain things to take into consideration when planting trees to prevent them from becoming a nuisance or a problem necessitating their eventual removal.

The most desirable trees for landscaping grow slowly and take longer to establish a deep root system that will hold up better in storms. Most homeowners in the Evanston, IL plant quick growing trees like silver maples. However, their shallow root systems often damage driveways, walkways, and patios and they are more likely to break during a storm. Fruit bearing trees like mulberry trees that have been planted too close to driveways and patios can become a nuisance when the fallen fruit stains surfaces.

Before planting trees, a tree service company like us should be consulted to help determine the best type of trees that will work in your geographic region of Evanston and cause minimal damage to property. Sugar maple and red oak trees take longer to mature for example but have deeper root systems and can withstand even severe storms.

Another factor to consider when planting trees are disease resistance. While it is difficult to predict with certainty which trees are more susceptible to disease, ash trees have recently been devastated by emerald ash borer infestations, and in the 20th Century, millions of Dutch Elms died from an illness.

Tree and Stump Removal

Sometimes trees and tree stumps have to be removed simply because they are old and have become a safety hazard, but usually, the reasons for removal include disease, obstruction, root system damage to property, trees were blown over by storms, or becoming a nuisance factor. Trees that have grown a safety risk and need to be removed can be identified by multiple dead branches or portions of the trunk dying. Large dead branches that break off and get lodged within the tree, or significant cracks, are indications that the tree is becoming a risk to safety and needs to be cut down.

What About the Stump?

When a tree has been cut down or blown over, the stump needs to be removed as it can cause problems. Tree roots are often still alive and will continue to grow after the tree has been cut down, causing continued damage to driveways and other garden installations. Tree stumps that stick up out of the ground below eye level are hazardous as they can cause injury to unsuspecting persons that could put homeowners or business owners in Evanston IL at risk of liability. Tree stumps are unsightly and mar the beauty of a landscape, and they can even start growing again by sprouting shoots. They often attract pests like ants and termites that could invade a home and cause further problems. Tree stumps can cause unwanted obstacles in a yard when it comes to mowing the lawn and enjoying the garden space.

Often landscapers remove trees when clearing a landscape but leave the stumps behind. Once a tree has been felled the stump should be removed by a professional tree removal company like us. Stump grinding is one of the most effective methods of removing tree stumps with little or no impact on property or garden landscaping. Farmers usually use farm equipment like tractors to pull stumps out of the ground, but domestic gardens need special machines which our company with skilled tree experts use to grind the stump out to below ground level.

How Does it Work?

We use a tree stump grinder which is a stand-alone machine, or a backhoe grinder attachment, that is placed on top of the stump. The mechanism grinds and chews up the wood from the middle of the stump and down to the roots using a rotating disc that cuts and chips away at the stump, spitting the chipped lumber out of the sides. Stump grinding machines can be the size of a big lawnmower or even be as large as a truck.

A stump grinding machine can be rented for home use, but they are dangerous machines that can cause serious injury in the hands of an inexperienced user. Chunks of wood are thrown at high speed at quite a distance from the machine and can injure bystanders and property, which is why it is better to employ our services of stump grinding experts. Job site liability is eliminated when you employ our tree removal and tree service company that carry out stump grinding as we are bonded and insured against hazardous risks.